New to EMR?

Electronic medical records allow you to run your practice more efficiently and economically. They allow you to access all information on your patient electronically from blood work, to hospital reports, even faxes from other healthcare professionals.

  • Increase practice efficiency
  • Reduce errors
  • Sharing records with ease
  • Increase practice efficiency
  • Reduce errors
  • Sharing records with ease


OSCAR is a proven Electronic Medical Record (EMR) designed to help improve health care from individual to population health levels while reducing costs. OSCAR, which currently supports over 1.5 million patients across Canada, offers an extremely versatile, browser-based, EMR with high clinical functionality and advanced research capabilities.

This highly customizable EMR has no licensing fees, and its low cost of ownership makes OSCAR one of the most efficient and affordable EMR solutions in Canada for practices of all sizes and specialties.

OSCAR is a funding-eligible offering in Ontario under Ontario EMR Specification 4.1. This includes the Federated OSCAR Solution (OSCAR + Integrator) that enables data sharing across multiple OSCAR systems.

OSCAR is deeply rooted in its user community as reflected in its motto, ‘Connecting Care, Creating Community’. This community is a vital part of the OSCAR ecosystem, with members from academic and research institutions, community practices, hospitals, ambulatory and outreach programs, public health departments, other social service agencies, and the OSCAR Canada User Society (OCUS).

User friendly and intuitive
  • Ability to create unique, simple, and customized time-saving templates
  • Many electronic forms built in
  • Easy OHIP Billing
  • Ability to access patient files from outside the clinic
  • Can be run on any Operating System (Windows, Apple, Linux)
  • Works on any device from computers, to laptops, to tablets
The most economical solution possible
  • The only EMR with no software licencing fees
  • No charge for extra modules
  • Online community that shares customized electronic forms for free downloading
  • Built –in preventions bonus tracking system
  • Billing “super codes” to help capture billable procedures
  • Minimal hardware requirements
Peer developed system
  • Only EMR to be developed by Ontario physicians for physicians
  • Owned by McMaster University as a Non-Profit organization
  • Used by medical practices that are leaders in electronic healthcare

Why KAI?

OSCAR Service providers (OSPs) allow you to obtain the installation of an Affiliated version of OSCAR EMR for your medical practice. OSCAR as an Affiliated Product of OSCAR EMR means that the OSCAR system complies with OSCAR EMR’s ISO 13485:2003 certified Quality Management System (QMS) and receives all of the benefits associated with OSCAR EMR (e.g. Ontario EMR Specification 4.1A Funding Eligible Offering, quality standards and regular audits of Approved OSPs, customer feedback and/or complaint mechanisms, etc).

KAI INNOVATIONS is an Approved OSCAR Server Provider (OSP) through OscarEMR at McMaster University, and offers a funding eligible affiliated version of OSCAR. We are currently the fastest growing OSP in Canada due to our overwhelming physician satisfaction, and we pride ourselves as leaders in the industry for customer support.



Unparalleled Support

  • Fastest response times
  • Live agents when you call
  • Support available by email as well
  • Emergency support available 24/7
  • Highest in customer satisfaction
  • Team of highly qualified professionals

Training from healthcare professionals

  • Training is performed by individuals who have worked in clinical settings
  • Customized approach based on your exact needs
  • Live-Clinic training available for your first full day using the system
  • No interruption to your practice

High Quality Hardware

  • We only provide top quality hardware from brands like HP, Apple, and Cisco
  • Beware of vendors who sell no-name hardware at inflated prices!

Leaders in Data Migration

  • Successful migrations completed from dozens of EMR systems
  • Rapid migrations completed from almost all billing systems
  • Satisfaction guaranteed on any data migration performed at no extra costs

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